The Role of Japanese State-Backed Insurer in Diversifying LNG Procurement

Japanese power company JERA is set to receive a significant boost in its efforts to diversify its liquefied natural gas (LNG) procurement. Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI), a state-backed insurer, has agreed to provide coverage for a 100 billion yen ($680 million) credit line extended by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking to JERA. This move marks the first time NEXI is covering a domestic loan, highlighting the importance of diversifying the country’s energy sources.


The Significance of LNG in Japan’s Energy Landscape


Japan, as an island nation with limited domestic energy resources, heavily relies on imported natural gas to meet its energy needs. Liquefied natural gas, in particular, has emerged as a crucial component of Japan’s energy mix due to its relatively low environmental impact and abundance in global markets. However, the concentration of LNG procurement from a few countries has raised concerns about supply chain vulnerabilities. To address this, JERA is actively seeking to diversify its sources of LNG, reducing dependence on any single nation.


Introducing NEXI: The Japanese State-Backed Insurer

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NEXI plays a pivotal role in supporting Japanese businesses by providing insurance coverage for various risks associated with overseas investments and financing. Its primary objective is to promote and facilitate Japanese exports, investments, and economic activities in foreign markets. NEXI offers a range of insurance products, including political risk insurance, trade credit insurance, and investment insurance, to mitigate potential risks faced by Japanese companies operating internationally.


The Involvement of NEXI in LNG Procurement


By extending insurance coverage for the credit line provided by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking to JERA, NEXI aims to facilitate and encourage the power company’s efforts to diversify its LNG procurement. The guarantee provided by NEXI will only evaluate risks tied to JERA itself and not the countries where it conducts business. This approach allows NEXI to support JERA’s expansion into diverse LNG markets while mitigating the risks associated with individual countries.


Benefits of NEXI’s Insurance Coverage for JERA


The insurance coverage offered by NEXI for JERA’s credit line offers several benefits to the power company in its pursuit of diversified LNG procurement:


1. Risk Mitigation


NEXI’s coverage provides JERA with a safety net against potential financial risks associated with its LNG procurement activities. By reducing the risk exposure of the credit line, JERA can confidently explore new LNG suppliers and markets without the fear of unforeseen financial burdens.


2. Financial Flexibility

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The 100 billion yen credit line backed by NEXI’s insurance coverage provides JERA with increased financial flexibility. This enables the power company to negotiate favorable terms with LNG suppliers, secure competitive pricing, and invest in infrastructure for LNG storage and transportation.


3. Enhanced Market Access


With NEXI’s support, JERA gains access to a wider range of LNG suppliers and markets. This expanded market access enables the power company to diversify its procurement sources and negotiate more favorable contracts, fostering competition and potentially lowering overall procurement costs.


4. Confidence for Business Expansion


The insurance coverage by NEXI instills confidence in JERA’s business expansion plans, as it mitigates the risks associated with exploring new markets and suppliers. This reassurance allows the power company to focus on strategic partnerships and investments, driving its growth in the LNG sector.


Implications for Japan’s Energy Security and Diversification


The involvement of NEXI in supporting JERA’s efforts to diversify LNG procurement carries significant implications for Japan’s energy security and diversification strategy. By reducing dependence on a limited number of LNG suppliers, Japan can enhance its energy security and minimize potential disruptions in the supply chain. Diversification also allows for greater resilience against geopolitical tensions and market fluctuations, ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply for the nation.


The Future of LNG Procurement in Japan

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The collaboration between JERA and NEXI in diversifying LNG procurement sets a promising precedent for future initiatives in Japan’s energy sector. With the support of state-backed institutions like NEXI, Japanese power companies can confidently explore new LNG suppliers, invest in infrastructure, and negotiate favorable contracts. These efforts contribute to the country’s overarching goal of achieving a secure, sustainable, and diverse energy mix.




The involvement of NEXI, a Japanese state-backed insurer, in providing insurance coverage for JERA’s credit line signifies a significant step towards diversifying LNG procurement in Japan. By mitigating financial risks, enhancing market access, and fostering business expansion, NEXI’s support empowers JERA to explore new LNG suppliers and markets. This initiative aligns with Japan’s broader objective of achieving energy security and resilience through diversified energy procurement. With continued collaboration between industry players and state-backed institutions, Japan is poised to strengthen its position in the global LNG market and secure a sustainable energy future.

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