Creative Group Recognized for Best Overall B-to-B Environment


Creative Group, Inc., a leading meeting, event, and incentive agency, has been honored with the Bronze Award for Best Overall B-to-B Environment at the Event Marketer Experience Design & Technology Awards. The prestigious award recognizes outstanding event design and innovative use of event technology in both consumer-targeted and business-to-business event formats.


Raising Cane’s Timeless Horizon Event


The award-winning event, called the Raising Cane’s Timeless Horizon, was organized by Creative Group for Raising Cane’s, a popular American fast-food restaurant chain specializing in fried chicken finger meals. With over 600 stores, Raising Cane’s was looking to create a special experience for its 2,000+ store leaders. Due to the pandemic, the annual conference had been postponed for several years, making it necessary to create an exceptional event that would instill brand pride and reenergize the team.


Creating an Immersive Brand Experience

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Creative Group collaborated with Raising Cane’s to design a fully immersive brand experience that would engage and inspire attendees. The event aimed to combine education, fun, and celebration while building advocacy and momentum for future growth. The design-driven solutions provided by Creative Group played a crucial role in adding richer and deeper elements to the event space.


The brand expo environment featured unique elements like four-foot-tall chicken fingers and a 25-foot-tall Raising Cane’s dog inflatable. These eye-catching installations showcased the brand’s identity and added an element of excitement to the event. Inside the 42,000-square-foot general session space, a custom-designed 150-foot-long LED wall with over 300 individual panels ensured that all attendees had a direct sightline to important information.


The entire hotel was transformed into an immersive brand experience, with Raising Cane’s Timeless Horizon branding prominently displayed throughout. The attention to detail and the seamless integration of the brand’s identity at every turn created an unforgettable event atmosphere.


About Creative Group, Inc.


Creative Group, Inc. is a full-service meeting, event, and incentive agency that delivers exceptional experiences to inspire people to thrive. With over 50 years of industry experience, Creative Group has built a reputation for excellence and creativity. The company has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) awards and the CMI 25 Award, which recognizes the top 25 most influential meeting and incentive management companies in the U.S.

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Creative Group serves clients across various industries, including financial services, life sciences, insurance, manufacturing, retail, technology, automotive, and hospitality. The company’s team of over 200 dedicated professionals is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, with additional offices in San Francisco, Appleton, Wisconsin, and Toronto, Canada.


About the Experience Design & Technology Awards


The Experience Design & Technology Awards (EDTAs) are organized by Event Marketer, the leading provider of content for the event marketing and trade show industry. The awards recognize outstanding event design and innovative uses of event technology in both consumer-targeted and business-to-business event formats. The categories cover various aspects of event design, including décor, content, overall environments, vehicle and exhibit design, and pandemic-era transformations. The judging panel, consisting of brand-side experts, evaluates how the design and technology solutions contribute to fulfilling objectives and inspiring progress.


About Event Marketer


Event Marketer is a renowned resource for event marketers and trade show professionals. Since its establishment in 2002, Event Marketer has been providing valuable content and insights to strategic brand-side event marketers and agency executives. The magazine covers a wide range of face-to-face marketing initiatives, including sponsorship activation, sampling, mobile marketing, retail experiences, stunts, buzz marketing, PR campaigns, press events, trade shows, corporate events, proprietary events, and meetings.




Creative Group’s recognition with the Bronze Award for Best Overall B-to-B Environment at the Event Marketer Experience Design & Technology Awards showcases the agency’s expertise in delivering exceptional event experiences. Through their collaboration with Raising Cane’s, Creative Group successfully created a fully immersive brand experience that engaged and energized attendees. The innovative design solutions and attention to detail contributed to the overall success of the Raising Cane’s Timeless Horizon event. As a leader in the industry, Creative Group continues to inspire and deliver outstanding results for its clients


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