Accenture Acquires Work & Co to Enhance Digital Products and Experience Transformation Capabilities

In a move aimed at strengthening its global digital products and experience transformation capabilities, Accenture has announced its acquisition of Work & Co. The acquisition brings together two industry leaders with a shared vision of leveraging creativity and technology to build innovative digital experiences.


The Rise of Work & Co


Founded in 2013, Work & Co quickly established itself as a prominent player in the digital product industry. Its expertise in strategizing, designing, and developing digital products earned it numerous accolades, including Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards and Time’s Best Inventions list. The company’s success has also been recognized by Forbes, which named it one of the “Most Consequential Agencies” in business.


A Vision for Growth


Accenture Song and Work & Co share a common vision of the tremendous opportunities presented by the global digital transformation market, projected to reach a value of $1755 billion by 2028. With this acquisition, Accenture Song aims to bring more tech expertise and creative excellence to its portfolio, leveraging Work & Co’s client work, distinct model, and strong leadership.


Deep Credibility in Digital Experiences and Products

Accenture to Acquire Work & Co to Strengthen its Global Digital Products  and Experience Transformation Capabilities

Work & Co has built a reputation for creating flagship digital experiences and products across various industries. Its portfolio includes mobile apps, commerce platforms, retail experiences, digital kiosks, and generative AI applications. The company’s expertise extends beyond just product development; it also assists brands in defining digital strategies and operationalizing world-class digital products at scale.


Expanding AI Capabilities


Work & Co has a long history of building AI platforms, and this year, it has focused on engaging with brands in the travel, retail, and health sectors to develop new generative AI products. This expansion into AI demonstrates Work & Co’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and helping brands harness the power of artificial intelligence.


A Shared Belief in the Power of Creativity and Technology


The partnership between Accenture Song and Work & Co is grounded in a shared belief in the power that comes from pairing creativity and technology. Work & Co’s Founding Partner, Mohan Ramaswamy, emphasizes the company’s original vision of bringing design and technology together to create digital products that not only drive value for clients but also enhance people’s day-to-day lives. With Accenture Song’s unmatched scale, intelligence, sector expertise, and innovation, this collaboration promises to deliver impactful work that pushes the boundaries of digital experiences.


Joining Forces


Headquartered in New York, Work & Co boasts nearly 400 employees across the United States, Europe, and Latin America. These talented individuals will join Accenture Song, further bolstering its capabilities and expanding its global reach. The acquisition of Work & Co is the latest in a series of strategic moves by Accenture Song to enhance its ability to help clients grow, innovate, and stay relevant. Previous acquisitions include Rabbit’s Tale, ConcentricLife, Fiftyfive5, The Stable, and Romp.


The Road Ahead

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The completion of the acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions. Once finalized, Accenture Song and Work & Co will embark on a journey of collaboration and innovation, leveraging their combined strengths to deliver transformative digital solutions. Both companies remain committed to their clients, and this partnership will enable them to provide even more comprehensive and impactful services.


Forward-Looking Statements


As with any major business transaction, there are inherent risks and uncertainties. Statements made in this announcement are forward-looking and subject to various factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. Accenture Song and Work & Co acknowledge these risks and uncertainties and will work diligently to address them as they move forward with the acquisition.


About Accenture


Accenture is a global professional services company that helps businesses, governments, and organizations build their digital core, optimize operations, drive revenue growth, and enhance citizen services. With approximately 743,000 employees in over 120 countries, Accenture combines its strength in technology and leadership in cloud, data, and AI with industry experience, functional expertise, and global delivery capability. The company is known for its ability to deliver tangible outcomes and build trusted relationships with clients.


About Accenture Song


Accenture Song, a division of Accenture, specializes in accelerating growth and value for clients through sustained customer relevance. Its capabilities span ideation to execution, including growth, product, and experience design, technology and experience platforms, creative, media, and marketing strategy, and campaign, commerce transformation content, and channel orchestration. Accenture Song operates at the speed of life, harnessing the unlimited potential of imagination, technology, and intelligence to help clients thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.




The acquisition of Work & Co by Accenture Song marks a significant step forward in the world of digital products and experience transformation. The combined expertise of these two industry leaders promises to deliver innovative and impactful solutions for clients across various sectors. As the digital transformation market continues to grow, Accenture Song and Work & Co are well-positioned to drive new growth and customer relevance, creating a better digital future for businesses and individuals alike.


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