Samsung’s Ballie Robot: A Futuristic Projector Companion

In the ever-evolving world of robotics, Samsung has once again caught the attention of tech enthusiasts with its latest innovation – an updated version of its round Ballie robot. Revealed at CES 2024, this adorable robot has a new trick up its sleeve: it can now project images and videos onto various surfaces, be it the floor, wall, or even the ceiling. This groundbreaking feature adds a whole new dimension to the capabilities of the Ballie robot.


A Playful and Functional Assistant

Samsung's Ballie robot is now a projector that follows you around - The  Verge

In a charming video released by Samsung, the Ballie robot showcased its projection abilities in a variety of creative ways. One notable instance was when the robot projected a video of a bird for a dog to watch, providing entertainment and stimulation for our furry friends. Additionally, the Ballie robot demonstrated its usefulness as a smart home assistant, effortlessly turning on lights, dispensing dog food, and even sending text messages to keep you informed about its activities. According to Samsung, Ballie can control a range of household devices such as air conditioners, lights, and even laundry machines.


Intelligent Projection Technology


What sets the Ballie robot apart from other projectors on the market is its ability to automatically adjust the projection based on the distance from the wall and the surrounding lighting conditions. Samsung proudly claims that it is the world’s first projector to detect people’s posture and facial angle, ensuring the optimal projection angle for an immersive viewing experience. This innovative technology opens up endless possibilities for users to enjoy their favorite movies, video calls, or even fitness videos in any room of their home.

Samsung Ballie Robot At CES 2024, Price Unknown - Dataconomy

“By combining the functionality of a smart home assistant with the versatility of a projector, Samsung’s Ballie robot aims to revolutionize the way we interact with our living spaces.” – Samsung spokesperson


Seamless Integration into Your Daily Life


The Ballie robot is not just limited to projection capabilities. It is designed to be your constant companion, following you around the house and greeting you when you arrive home. This seamless integration into your daily life makes the Ballie robot more than just a gadget; it becomes a personalized assistant that enhances your overall living experience. Whether it’s projecting a calming scene on your bedroom ceiling or helping you with daily tasks, the Ballie robot is ready to adapt to your needs.


The Future of Ballie

samsung reveals AI robot 'ballie' at CES 2024

While the video demonstration of the updated Ballie robot at CES 2024 was undoubtedly entertaining, Samsung has yet to provide specific details about the release date or pricing of this innovative product. However, given the excitement generated by its previous iteration at CES 2020, it is safe to assume that Samsung will strive to bring the Ballie robot to market in the near future. As technology continues to advance, we can only imagine the possibilities that lie ahead for this adorable and versatile robot companion.




Samsung’s Ballie robot has once again captured the imagination of tech enthusiasts with its latest iteration. The ability to project images and videos onto various surfaces, combined with its smart home assistant capabilities, make it a unique and versatile companion for any household. While specific details regarding its release remain elusive, the future looks promising for this futuristic robot. As we eagerly await its arrival, the Ballie robot stands as a testament to Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and enhancing our everyday lives.

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