Product Diversification: Unlocking Sustainable Business Growth




In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs constantly seek new avenues for sustainable growth. One such path is product diversification, which involves expanding the range of offerings to cater to a broader market and mitigate risks associated with reliance on a single product or market segment. This article explores the journey of tech entrepreneur Steve Karechio and his company Tier Data Limited, highlighting the importance of product diversification and its role in driving long-term success.


The Genesis of Tier Data Limited


Steve Karechio, the founder of Tier Data Limited, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2008 after leaving his job at Citi Bank. Recognizing the potential in IT support services, he partnered with a friend to establish Blue Range, a company offering IT support to various businesses. Leveraging his experience in developing the system used for Safaricom’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), Steve sensed a high demand for tech integration within the Kenyan market.

Diversifying revenue streams_ creating multiple sources of income

Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned


Despite early success, Blue Range faced challenges due to its unsustainable growth model. Steve realized that developing one-off projects without a long-term vision hindered the company’s financial stability. The experience taught him the importance of aggressiveness and consistency in product development, as well as the need to innovate around a particular setup over time. Armed with these lessons, Steve transformed the company into Tier Data Limited, focusing on serving sister companies and other clients.


Navigating Growth and Risks


Over the past four years, Tier Data Limited has expanded its team to 30 employees and diversified its client base to include various sectors such as fast-moving consumer goods, education, real estate, and hospitality. However, being a member of the Centum family, the company faces the challenge of breaking away from the Centum Plc brand. Steve emphasizes the need to establish an independent identity while leveraging the advantage of having a captive client base.


As a provider of real-time IT solutions, data security and storage are critical for Tier Data Limited. The company mitigates these risks by adopting redundant data centers in the cloud and on-premise. This ensures the continuous availability of services and safeguards client data, instilling confidence in their ability to deliver reliable IT solutions.


Leadership Transformation and Learning Journey


Transitioning from an IT specialist to a business leader posed a significant challenge for Steve. Leadership required him to develop a deep understanding of people management, handling different temperaments, and effectively managing stakeholders such as the board, shareholders, partners, and clients. Every day is a learning journey for Steve as he navigates the demands of entrepreneurship and strives to grow both personally and professionally.


Future Vision: IoT and Utility Management

Empower Your Business By Diversifying Income Streams

Looking ahead, Steve envisions Tier Data Limited becoming the largest and preferred systems integrator in the East African market within the next decade. To achieve this, the company plans to develop a flagship product—a utility management system utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT). By assembling IoT devices locally, Tier Data aims to tap into the vast market potential, particularly in the conversion of manual water meters to smart meters. Steve believes that technology-driven solutions will be crucial for businesses to survive and thrive in challenging economic times.


Assisting Struggling Businesses through Digital Transformation


In the face of economic hardships, Tier Data sees an opportunity to support struggling businesses through digital transformation. By collaborating with these companies, Steve’s team aims to identify areas for efficiency improvement, cost-cutting measures, and control mechanisms. While the current economic climate may limit pricing abilities, Tier Data is committed to providing valuable solutions that help businesses weather the storm.


Cash Flow Management: A Key Priority


Managing cash flow is a critical aspect of running a successful business. Steve emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy cash cover for both project completion and ongoing operational expenses (OPEX). Having a three-month cash cover for OPEX provides a buffer against unforeseen financial challenges and ensures the smooth functioning of the company.




The entrepreneurial journey of Steve Karechio and Tier Data Limited highlights the significance of product diversification in achieving sustainable business growth. By learning from past experiences and adopting an innovative mindset, Steve successfully transformed his company into a leading IT systems integrator. With a focus on IoT and utility management, Tier Data aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the East African market. Through digital transformation initiatives, the company strives to assist struggling businesses and contribute to their long-term success. As Steve continues to navigate the challenges of leadership and cash flow management, his dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions positions Tier Data Limited for a prosperous future.


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