Julie German Evert: Breaking Barriers in Family Law and Empowering Clients through Expert Legal Counsel




Family law is a complex and sensitive field that requires expertise and dedication. Julie German Evert, Esq., a renowned family law attorney, has recently achieved a remarkable feat in her career. She has become the first legal professional from the U.S. Virgin Islands to be admitted to the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL). This significant milestone not only highlights Evert’s commitment to her profession but also brings recognition to the U.S. Virgin Islands in the international legal community.


A Pioneer in Mediation


Julie German Evert is not a stranger to breaking new ground in the field of family law. In the early 1990s, she pioneered mediation in the U.S. Virgin Islands legal system. As the founder and former president of the American Mediation Institute, she introduced alternative dispute resolution methods to help couples navigate divorce and other family law matters amicably. Evert’s innovative approach to resolving conflicts and her dedication to providing the best possible outcomes for her clients set her apart as a leader in the field.

Julie German Evert Becomes First U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney Admitted to  International Academy of Family Lawyers

Extensive Expertise in Family Law


With a career spanning several decades, Julie German Evert has gained extensive experience in various areas of family law. Her expertise encompasses divorce, child custody, and international family law issues. Evert’s deep understanding of the complexities involved in these delicate matters allows her to provide comprehensive and effective legal representation to her clients.


Admittance to the International Academy of Family Lawyers


The International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL) is a global association of practicing attorneys who are recognized as leading family law specialists in their respective countries. The prestigious organization admits only the most prominent and accomplished professionals in the field. Julie German Evert’s recent admission to the IAFL is a testament to her professionalism, profound knowledge of family law, and unwavering dedication to her clients.


Evert expressed both humility and pride in being recognized by the IAFL. She acknowledged that her admission into this elite group enhances her ability to provide international family law services to her clients. This recognition not only elevates Evert’s personal achievements but also shines a spotlight on the U.S. Virgin Islands as a significant player in the global legal community.


Leading and Inspiring Globally


Julie German Evert’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her local jurisdiction. As a member of the IAFL, she joins an elite group of family law specialists from around the world. This international connection allows Evert to stay updated on global trends and collaborate with esteemed professionals in her field. Her membership in the IAFL further strengthens her ability to provide top-notch legal representation to clients with international family law matters.

Law Office of Julie Evert

Evert’s leadership and dedication to her profession continue to inspire both aspiring and established family law attorneys. Her achievements serve as a reminder of the importance of expertise, integrity, and a client-centered approach in the field of family law.




Julie German Evert’s admission to the International Academy of Family Lawyers is a significant achievement that highlights her dedication and expertise in the field of family law. As the first U.S. Virgin Islands attorney to be admitted to the IAFL, Evert’s recognition brings attention to the U.S. Virgin Islands’ growing prominence in the international legal community. Her pioneering work in mediation and extensive experience in diverse family law areas make her a trusted advocate for her clients. Julie German Evert continues to lead and inspire within the U.S. Virgin Islands and globally, setting a high standard for family law professionals everywhere.


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