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## Introduction

In a recent announcement, Google revealed that it will be shutting down websites made with Google Business Profiles. This decision will have implications for businesses that have relied on these websites to establish their online presence. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this change, the timeline for the transition, and the steps businesses need to take to ensure a smooth migration to alternative website-building platforms.


Understanding the Transition Timeline


Google has set a clear timeline for the transition from Business Profile websites to alternative platforms. Starting from March, websites created using Google Business Profiles will be turned off. Visitors attempting to access these websites will be automatically redirected to the corresponding Business Profile until June 10. After this date, visitors will encounter a “page not found” error.


Maintaining Your Own Website


If you want to maintain your own website, it is crucial to create a new site using alternative tools before the deadline. Google has provided a list of recommended platforms to build a new website, including Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Shopify, and WordPress. These platforms offer a range of features and functionalities to help businesses establish a professional online presence.

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Ad Campaign Considerations


If your Ads campaign is linked to a website created using Google Business Profiles, you have two options to ensure your ads continue running smoothly. First, you can change the link before March 1, directing visitors to your new website. Alternatively, you can choose to pause your campaigns until the transition is complete.


Managing Third-Party Domains


For businesses that have set up custom domains to direct traffic to their Google Business Profile websites, it is essential to manage the transition effectively. Visitors to these third-party domains will be redirected to the Business Profile until June 10. To handle this transition, log in to your hosting company account and select the “Redirect” option or a similar feature to reroute your domain to a different website before the specified date.


Google’s Perspective

How to follow Google Business Profile guidelines

According to a Google spokesperson, websites created with Google Business Profiles are basic websites powered by the information on the Business Profile itself. Domains that end with and will be removed from the website field on Business Profiles in March. Google recommends updating the Google Business Profile to point to the new website to ensure a seamless transition.




As Google shuts down websites made with Google Business Profiles, businesses must adapt by creating new websites using alternative tools. The transition timeline is clear, with websites being turned off in March and visitors being redirected to Business Profiles until June 10. To maintain their own websites, businesses should explore the recommended platforms provided by Google. Additionally, businesses with ad campaigns linked to Business Profile websites need to update their links or pause their campaigns accordingly. By managing third-party domains effectively, businesses can ensure a smooth transition for their online presence. Google’s spokesperson emphasizes the importance of updating the Business Profile with the new website address. By following these guidelines, businesses can navigate this transition seamlessly and continue to establish their online presence effectively.


Additional Information:


  • It is crucial to communicate the changes to your customers and inform them about the new website address.

How (+ When & Why) to Update Your Google Business Listing

  • Make sure to update any external directories or listings that may have linked to your Business Profile website.


  • Consider taking this opportunity to enhance your website’s design and functionality to provide a better user experience for your customers.


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