Ex-Norwich University President Accused of Violating Policies of Oldest Private US Military College

Norwich University, the oldest private military college in the United States, recently faced a significant controversy surrounding the departure of its president, Mark Anarumo. The board of trustees accused Anarumo of violating the school’s core guiding values and policies, ultimately leading to his resignation. This unexpected turn of events has left the Norwich community and observers questioning the exact nature of the alleged violations and the impact they might have on the institution’s future. In this article, we will delve into the circumstances surrounding Anarumo’s resignation, the subsequent investigation, and the implications for Norwich University. Ex-Norwich University President Accused of Violating Policies of Oldest Private US Military College.


The Resignation


On January 4th, Mark Anarumo submitted his resignation as the president of Norwich University. The board of trustees promptly accepted his resignation, citing violations of the school’s core values and policies as the reason for their decision. While the board did not disclose specific details about the alleged violations, they acknowledged Anarumo’s dedication to the university during challenging times, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic. Anarumo, in a letter addressed to the Norwich community, explained that his decision to resign came after extensive discussions with his family. He emphasized that no individual, including the president, should be considered more important than the institution itself. Anarumo expressed gratitude for his time at Norwich University and his family’s departure in a manner that would enable the institution to remain focused on its mission and purpose.


The Allegations and Investigation

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The board of trustees first became aware of potential violations of Norwich University’s policies by Anarumo in late November. Concerned about these alleged actions, the board initiated an external investigation into the matter. As a preliminary step, Anarumo was placed on paid leave while the investigation unfolded. Although the board did not disclose the specific nature of the alleged violations, they stated that the investigation’s initial findings confirmed the violation of Norwich University’s core values and policies.


Norwich University’s Core Values and Policies


Norwich University, with a rich history dating back to 1819, is committed to upholding a set of core values and policies that guide its operations and shape its educational environment. While the exact details of these core values and policies were not provided in the reference article, it is crucial to understand their significance in evaluating the alleged violations and their impact on the institution.


Implications for Norwich University


The departure of a university president under such circumstances inevitably raises questions about the impact on the institution and its community. Norwich University, as the oldest private military college in the United States, holds a prominent position in the education and training of future military leaders. The allegations against Anarumo and his subsequent resignation may potentially disrupt the stability and reputation of the institution.


Community Reaction


The Norwich community, including faculty, staff, students, and alumni, has been left with mixed emotions in the wake of Anarumo’s resignation. Some express shock and disappointment at the alleged violations, while others commend the board of trustees for taking swift action to address the situation. The community’s response will likely influence how the institution navigates this challenging period and moves forward.


Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

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In any situation involving allegations of policy violations, ensuring accountability and transparency is crucial for the affected institution. Norwich University must strive to provide a detailed account of the investigation’s findings and actions taken to address any identified shortcomings. Open communication with the community will be vital in rebuilding trust and maintaining the institution’s integrity.


Leadership Transition


With the departure of President Anarumo, Norwich University is now faced with the task of finding a suitable replacement. The board of trustees will need to initiate a thorough search process to identify a candidate who embodies the institution’s values and can effectively lead during these unsettled times. The new president will be entrusted with the responsibility of restoring confidence and steering Norwich University towards a positive future.


Lessons Learned and Moving Forward


This unfortunate episode at Norwich University serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding core values and policies within educational institutions. The impact of violations can be far-reaching and have long-lasting consequences for the entire community. By learning from this experience, Norwich University can implement stronger measures to ensure adherence to its guiding principles and maintain its esteemed position as a premier military college.



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The departure of the president of Norwich University, Mark Anarumo, due to alleged violations of the school’s core values and policies, has sparked significant discussion within the institution and beyond. The subsequent investigation and the board of trustees’ swift action highlight the commitment to accountability and transparency. As Norwich University navigates this challenging period, it must prioritize open communication, leadership transition, and reflecting on the lessons learned to ensure a positive future for the institution and its community.


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