AI Toothbrush to Hearing Glasses: A Look at the Latest Health Tech from CES 2024 and Cutting-Edge Devices Enhancing Well-being


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a highly anticipated event where companies showcase their latest technological innovations. CES 2024 was no exception, with numerous health and wellness gadgets making their debut. From all-in-one health-scanning devices to wearable air conditioners, there were plenty of exciting products to explore. In this article, we will delve into some of the most intriguing health tech that caught our attention at CES 2024.


1. The BeamO: A Multifunctional Health-Scanning Device


Withings introduced the BeamO, a Wii-looking thermometer that goes beyond measuring body temperature. This four-in-one device also functions as a stethoscope, heart rate monitor, and blood oxygen level checker. Designed to be portable and lightweight, the BeamO caters to the growing demand for accessible health information in the post-pandemic era of telemedicine. By providing quick insights into heart and lung health, the BeamO empowers users to monitor their baselines and share essential data with healthcare providers. The device is expected to receive clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June and will be available for purchase at a price of $250.


2. Nuance Audio Glasses: Amplifying Sound for Better Hearing

AI Toothbrush to Hearing Glasses: CES 2024 Health Tech We Couldn't Ignore -  CNET

EssilorLuxottica unveiled the Nuance Audio glasses, a groundbreaking solution for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. These glasses incorporate technology directly into their frames to amplify sound, enabling wearers to hear more clearly in noisy environments. Users can adjust the volume either manually or through a companion app, making it easier to personalize their listening experience. Additionally, the glasses offer the option to add prescription lenses, ensuring optimal vision alongside enhanced hearing. While the exact pricing details have yet to be announced, the Nuance Audio glasses are expected to be available in the US later in 2024. Registered as an over-the-counter hearing device with the FDA, these glasses provide an alternative to traditional hearing aids, addressing common barriers such as cost and perceived stigma.


3. Coolify Cyber: Personal Air Conditioning for Your Neck


Torras introduced the Coolify Cyber, an upgraded version of their wearable air conditioner for the neck. This innovative device provides a refreshing burst of cold air, creating a cooling effect during hot days or physical activities. The Coolify Cyber utilizes an electrical current between a semiconductor and a ceramic cooling plate placed on the neck, delivering a revitalizing experience. CNET’s Nick Wolny described the sensation as a “blast of cold air, like a neck pillow that energized me.” The convenience and accessibility of portable personal air conditioners make them increasingly popular among individuals seeking immediate relief from heat. While Torras is not the only company offering such products, the Coolify Cyber stands out as one of the more approachable wellness devices.


4. Oclean X Ultra: The Smart Toothbrush for Better Oral Health


The Oclean X Ultra Wi-Fi Digital Toothbrush made its debut at CES 2024, revolutionizing oral care through AI technology. This smart toothbrush utilizes bone-conduction technology and an AI voice guide to provide real-time feedback on brushing techniques. With five brush modes catering to specific needs and times of the day, the Oclean X Ultra ensures thorough cleaning and improved oral hygiene. Equipped with an interactive touch screen, the toothbrush alerts users to missed spots and offers personalized tips for optimal brushing. Scheduled to launch in the US in the fall of 2024, the Oclean X Ultra will be priced at $130, providing users with an advanced yet affordable oral care solution.


5. Advancements in Diabetes Technology


CES 2024 witnessed significant advancements in technology for individuals with Type 1 diabetes. Tandem showcased its Mobi insulin pump, the world’s smallest automated insulin delivery system, which received FDA clearance in 2023. This compact device offers improved convenience and ease of use for diabetes management. Additionally, Tandem announced an integration with Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2 Plus Sensor, allowing users to monitor their glucose levels more effectively. The Mobi will initially be compatible with the Dexcom G6 sensor, with further compatibility anticipated in the future. These developments highlight the continuous progress in diabetes technology, empowering individuals to monitor and manage their condition with greater precision and efficiency.


6. Vivoo: At-Home UTI Testing for Quick Results


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common health issue that often necessitates a visit to the doctor. However, Vivoo, a health tech company, has introduced an at-home UTI test that provides users with rapid results through their partnered app. By utilizing deep learning image processing technology, Vivoo’s software can analyze urine samples and deliver accurate UTI diagnoses. To use the test, users simply need to download the Vivoo app, pee on the strip, and scan it to obtain results. The app stores the information, allowing users to easily share the data with healthcare providers for further evaluation and treatment. This at-home UTI test offers a convenient and private solution for individuals who prefer to monitor their health from the comfort of their homes.

AI Toothbrush to Hearing Glasses: CES 2024 Health Tech We Couldn't Ignore -  CNET

7. Pison Ready: Tracking Mental Focus and Agility


While many wearables focus on physical health and fitness, the Pison Ready stands out by tracking mental acuity. Developed by Pison Technology, this wristband measures metrics such as mental focus, reaction time, and agility. By detecting neurological signals from the brain, the device provides insights into an individual’s mental alertness. Originally designed to benefit ALS patients, the Pison Ready offers a unique approach to wellness tracking. Although its practicality for the general population and the accuracy of its real-time focus measurements remain to be seen, this wearable represents an exciting development in the wellness sphere. The Pison Ready will be available as a subscription, with options for three months, one year, or two years.


8. Exciting Innovations and the Future of Health Tech


CES 2024 showcased a range of innovative health and wellness technologies, each with its own unique benefits and applications. From all-in-one health-scanning devices like the BeamO to wearable air conditioners such as the Coolify Cyber, these gadgets aim to enhance our well-being and make our lives more convenient. Advancements in diabetes technology, as seen with Tandem’s Mobi insulin pump and the integration with Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2 Plus Sensor, demonstrate the ongoing efforts to improve the lives of individuals with chronic conditions. Furthermore, at-home UTI tests like Vivoo’s provide a convenient alternative to traditional healthcare methods. The Pison Ready’s focus on mental acuity tracking adds a new dimension to wearables, expanding possibilities for wellness monitoring.


As technology continues to evolve, health and wellness gadgets are becoming increasingly sophisticated and accessible. CES 2024 gave us a glimpse into the future of healthcare, demonstrating the potential for technology to revolutionize the way we monitor and manage our well-being. Whether it’s through innovative devices like the BeamO and Nuance Audio glasses or advancements in diabetes technology and mental acuity tracking, these developments offer promising solutions for improving our overall health and quality of life.




CES 2024 unveiled an array of groundbreaking health and wellness technologies that have the potential to transform the way we approach our well-being. From multifunctional health-scanning devices to smart toothbrushes and wearable air conditioners, these gadgets cater to various aspects of our health. Innovations in diabetes technology and at-home UTI testing provide greater convenience and precision in managing chronic conditions. Meanwhile, the Pison Ready’s focus on mental acuity tracking opens up new possibilities for wellness monitoring. As these technologies continue to evolve, they hold the promise of enhancing our lives and empowering us to take control of our health. CES 2024 was a testament to the incredible advancements that await us in the field of health tech.


“CES 2024 showcased a range of innovative health and wellness technologies, each with its own unique benefits and applications.”


With the continuous progress in health tech, we are on the brink of a new era where technology and wellness converge to improve our lives. Whether it’s monitoring our vitals, enhancing our hearing, or tracking our mental focus, these technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way we care for ourselves. As we move forward, it’s essential to embrace these advancements and explore how they can contribute to our overall well-being. CES 2024 acted as a catalyst for inspiration and innovation, creating a path towards a healthier and more connected future.


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